Kyocera, where nurturing business is an artform.

Your Bonsai tree

Did you know that, rather than being a type of tree, bonsai is actually the Japanese art of growing and shaping miniature trees in containers? Bonsai has been practised in Japan for many hundreds of years with the earliest depiction in art dating back as far as the 12th century.

Bonsai is an art that requires skill, dedication, planning, and reflection, taking ordinary tree species and, through careful pruning and other methods, growing them in such a way as they resemble a fully grown tree in miniature. A bonsai tree should, of course, be small, but should also be proportional, asymmetrical, and bear no trace of the artist.

The art of bonsai embodies many of the same values as the Kyocera philosophy – our dedication to our customers, the care we take in assessing their needs and planning the ideal solutions, and our attention to detail.

Kyocera expressed as origami

In Japanese culture, different animals have different meanings, and these are sometimes manifested in good luck charms, like the famous maneki-neko, the beckoning cat. Many of these animals are also popular in the art of origami. We chose 6 origami animals that embody Kyocera’s relationship with our customers:

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Off-setting your paper usage

Your Kyocera devices are already carbon offset by us through our work with myclimate, through a number of their initiatives around the world. We can now reforest your paper usage on Kyocera printers and MFP’s as well through our partership with Printreleaf.

Here at Kyocera Document Solutions UK we already reforest all of our paper usage through Printreleaf, by planting trees in Northern Ireland; so far we have planted enough for 100 tennis courts!

Carbon Neutral Managed Print Service

Minimise your printing costs and your carbon footprint whilst maximising your efficiency with carbon neutral print devices delivered as part of a carbon neutral managed print service.

Climate Action

We are taking action to offset our UK operation’s carbon by working with partners to reforest our paper use and by funding carbon-reducing projects around the world. 

K-Level Security

Our K-Level security is Kyocera’s highest firmware level of security, providing ECOSYS and TASKalfa
series users with reliable and highly-recommended products.