UN Sustainability Goals

In line with the Kyocera Philosophy to “Do the right thing as a human being” and in with Kyocera’s signature to the UN Global Compact, we are structuring our Social Responsibility Goals for the UK in support of the six UN Sustainable Development Goals below.

Do what is right as a human being” is the underpinning criterion of Kyocera’s Philosophy. This includes creating fairness, both in the workplace and in society.

To address this and the requirements of goals 5 (gender equality) and 10 (reduced inequalities),Kyocera Document Solutions UK undertake the following:

  • Report and publish gender pay information as we aim to reduce disparities in pay.
  • Operate an Equal Opportunities policy to protect against discrimination, with supporting processes to safeguard this.
  • Require new suppliers to complete a Code of Conduct, ensuring equality in our supply chain.
  • We sponsor the GLL Sport foundation, given young athletes the opportunity to fulfil their potential without financial hardship.
  • Host an annual charitable event in benefit of Forgotten Women, who support vulnerable women in order to preserve their dignity, well-being and economic independence.

To Kyocera Document Solutions UK, there is no greater threat posed to this world than climate change. To this end, we have undertaken a range of steps to help combat this and promote sustainability towards the market. In addition to our certification to ISO 14001, we untaken a number of other actions that support this.

Responsible consumption & production:

  • Kyocera products have low environmental impact packaging
  • Kyocera toner cartridges are easy to recycle
  • Kyocera uses a Lifecycle Assessment Methodology  to reduce the environmental impact of the product throughout its lifecycle.
  • We offer a toner and hardware recycling scheme for our customers.
Climate action:
  • A published Carbon Reduction Plan for our UK operations
  • All electricity used on our premises comes from 100% renewable sources.
  • Hybrid Work Policy to reduce commuting emissions.
  • We encourage sustainable transport through our cycle to work scheme
  • We’re a carbon neutral UK operation, offering carbon neutral products
  • Electric Vehicle Car scheme for all permanent employees.

Life on land:

  • We have installed two bee hives, increasing biodiversity and supporting native species decline.
  • As part of our offsetting, new trees are planted which both:

‒Neutralize carbon emissions and

‒Reforest areas of which will be used as natural habitat for wildlife.

Providing decent work opportunities and a supportive environment is a key means of ensuring a sustainable future, whether this is through fair pay or offering opportunities. We do this through::

  • Kyocera Document Solutions UK are a Living Wage Employer, ensuring fair levels of pay.
  • We offer a number of apprenticeship programmes to help our staff develop, with any unspent levy donated to external organizations.
  • Kyocera Document Solutions UK release an annual Modern Slavery declaration which us supported by our Modern Slavery Prevention trainingto all staff.
  • Review of supplier engagements ensuring fair treatment and prompt payment.
  • We offer placements to young people, providing valuable exposure to work and providing development opportunities. This has led to some individuals being recruited into permanent positions.

Our staff all get one paid volunteering day per year.

Promoting health and wellbeing is an essential part of Kyocera Document Solutions. Whilst physical health is essential, we need to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of our staff. Some of the steps taken to achieve this include: 

  • Offer to Mental Health Supportto employees, including trained mental health first aiders, weekly mindfulness sessions and targeted programmes.
  • We offer WeCare, 24 hour access to health and wellbeing support, covering physical and mental health as well as financial and legal wellbeing.
  • We operate a financial assistance policy, supporting staff in financial difficulties.
  • Promote healthy wellbeing through support and sponsoring of sporting charities and grassroots sports.