Register your carbon neutral certificate number

Claim your carbon neutral certificate

What we cover

Lifetime* offset of your devices

Hardware, consumables and your engineer visits

We offset your device and consumable production, transport and usage over it’s full lifetime via a simple bolt on to your device purchase.

What you receive

Certification via MyClimate

Auditable and traceable.

We will offset your device with MyClimate to create you a bespoke carbon neutral offering.

A certificate of authenticity will be issued once you have registered.

Register your device

Registering for your carbon neutral certificate is a simple 4 step process

Step 1

Make a note of your device model number(s), serial number(s) and your carbon neutral certificate numbers.

Step 2

Fill out and submit the form below

Step 3

The form is received by our team who will confirm device and carbon neutral option purchase.

Step 4

A carbon neutral certificate which will be emailed through to you.

    *Lifetime = 5 years –does not include energy usage​

    **If taking service from Kyocera​

    Packaging = device and consumable packaging​

    Consumables = Toners and inks​

    Transportation = Source factory to UK​

    ****Not included in offsetting